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Plan Your Wardrobe

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Probably every woman love shopping and desire for getting new dress when she needs to attend some special parties or functions. But if your wardrobe is packed with lots of dresses, dozen of trousers, jeans, you will get confused and unable to decide what to wear.

It happens with most of the women. Having a wardrobe that works for you is something that so many women need. To plan a wardrobe we must ask some questions to ourselves

  • What sort of lifestyle do we have?
  • Do we wear more formals than casuals?
  • Do we have many occasions to wear evening dresses?
  • Do we have the dresses according to our body types?
  • How many dresses we want for daily work?
  • Do we have such outfit which we can mix n match?

Answers of these questions will help you to decorate your wardrobe according to your choice and importance. First of all identify basic garments for your lifestyle from among the items you keep. A black skirt, a black dress and white blouse are always good to have in your wardrobe.

Decide what types of woman’s  clothes you need and how many hours a day or week you spend in them. Careful planning of our wardrobe gives us lots of new ideas to dress up such as mix and match of different garment will make our appearance more interesting and new. Basic garments such as skirts, tops, trousers, tunics, jackets can be changed round to give totally different look. If you had to wear dark suits to work most of your life, try some dresses in light colors.

Accessories can be worn with basic garments to introduce other ideas .Style is an important factor which enables us to make the most of our figure type. In considering style, fabric plays a vital role. See to it you have dresses with few different fabrics which suits to your body type. Large figure types must avoid bulky fabric which will add to size. Color palate is also taken in account as it this will be noticed first.

Remember that being stylish or fashionable doesn’t mean blindly following all the latest fashion trends even if it may not necessarily suit you or not required.

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