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If your height is less than 5’4”, you come in petite category. There is one misconception that petite means small but petite term refers to height, neither weight nor your body shape – be it a pear, apple, slender or plus. For a petite lady, it’s difficult to buy a perfect dress that shows off her curves. Here FloraDress is mentioning some tips and tricks to guide you while you go for shopping.

  • Choose a dress that elongates your body type. If you have large bust and a small waist, go for delicate strap dress or strapless dress with proper fitting, but before wearing strapless dress see to it has proper bra cup support otherwise go for spaghetti dresses. Don’t choose halter neckline dresses as they will enhance upper body.
  • Always try to accentuate your curves,Pick the dress which flaunt off your biggest assets and not draw the attention to your height. Choose the dress that lengthens your torso. Look for an A-line dress, spaghetti straps, scooped or off the shoulder necklines. Avoid a gown that is too straight or too full as you will disappear in it. A V neck that draws the eye in a vertical line will lengthen the torso.
  • If you have a short waistline, empire style dresses and dresses with belts in different colors make you look short. If you have long waistline, a fluid short dress with empire style will look great on you. You can also show off your long legs and you will look tall.
  • Sometimes petite ladies pick the dresses which show off lots of skin like legs and bust. They feel that it will make them look taller. In fact, it doesn’t! If experts opinion is to be trusted, a dress that flaunts off too much legs and bust at the same time should be avoided in such case. Give them a big NO-NO.
  • Avoid wearing drop waist dress, it won’t elongate your body and make you look short. Try to avoid too many gathers and too many layers dresses while shopping.
  • Don’t go for the dresses with multiple vertical lines or mixing two garments with lines pattern.
  • Shirt length should not be longer than mid thigh and don’t choose drastic color combination for trousers and shirts as colors matter a lot.
  • Probably every petite woman knows that wearing dark colors can make them look taller and if they have plus size frame also it’s a good option. But apart from this, wearing separates in same family such as beige, brown can make petite women look sleek.
  • Last but not the least – Whenever you go for shopping always keep in mind that more fitted the look, the more flattering it will be and any figure flaws can be covered by using the right piece of clothing. So dear petites whatever you wear, wear with confidence and smile.

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