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Prom event is one of the most memorable an awaited nights in a girl’s life and for many teenage girls it is the highlight of their adolescence. It comes once in a year. That’s why every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive in prom night. To make this possible you need a perfect Prom Dress and if you want to buy cheap Prom Dress online or if you are looking for an online Prom Dresses Shop, simply look at FloraDress’s stunning cheap Prom Dresses gallery. It promises to turn you into a fashion diva on your most awaited prom occasion.  Continue reading…


Short in length, vibrant color, glamorous silhouettes define a perfect Cocktail Dress. Just wear with great attitude and confidence and mesmerize everyone with your sheer presence in FloraDress’s cocktail dresses which is set to kill. For you perfect body shape we have curve kissing silhouettes with eye catching details which guarantees to allure hearts. If you need cocktail dresses for plus size and petite size then just explore our plus size and petite size dresses section. This section features some cocktail dresses you can wear in your prom night such as short cocktail dress, beaded black cocktail dress, etc. A black short beaded dress is a must have for your wardrobe.

If you are not sure what to wear in cocktail parties, you can always take the help of our expert Fashion Designers and Fashion Experts who are always glad to assist you in making your style statement. Don’t forget – A dress makes all the difference and makes you stand out from the crowd. So be careful and choosy about it.

By choosing the proper dress, it is possible to become an entirely new person and FloraDress helps you make a statement and define your attitude. We have an exclusive section dedicated to help people get tips and suggestions about their body shape and type. Simply click https://floradress.wordpress.com/2008/12/02/prom-tips-for-different-body-type/

We have everything to make you feel sensual, glamorous, look beautiful, be you.

Homecoming is always a thrilling week in high school. Time comes when Homecoming King and Queen are announced and everyone enjoys and celebrates the all night long. No doubt at this special occasion you want to look gorgeous and wow the schoolmates from your looks. Make every girl jealous from your ultra beautiful homecoming dress and finally want to be the homecoming queen. Every girl sees this dream and to make the night particularly memorable, follow these simple rules and you will amaze everyone around.

It is the first formal event in the new school year. You are excited, thrilled and sometimes choose a dress which is in trend or go for the dress which people are talking about. We suggest that give yourself some options when you look for the perfect homecoming dress. Based on your personal choice you can choose between the chic and the classy or you go for something very stylish or contemporary. But whatever you choose, always remember perfect fit is very necessary for flaunting your best curves or hiding your unwanted features. Whether you are purchasing from retail store or doing online shopping you may require some alterations. Don’t leave anything for last moment.

The shape and style of any dress can make your appearance shorter or longer. Try to know about your body shape whether it is pear shape, apple shape or hourglass and according to that you pick your dream dress.

If you are planning to wear a ball dress, your height is an utmost important factor. Go for any kind of ball dress or Cinderella Ball Gown if you are tall but if your height is an issue and still you prefer Cinderella Ball Gown, just change the silhouette. Go for A-line ball dress because its silhouette is close to body and you won’t look short.

Good news is you can wear any color you like. If you want to keep it simple, choose a black dress. But if love different shades of color, go for that. Plum, gold, orange, black, deep blue will look perfect at night.

After you have your homecoming dress with you, decide what kind of shoes you are going to wear. Shoes in all size heels are available in this season. Girls want to look tall and it’s true that high heels compliment any dress but make sure you can walk and dance comfortably in your shoes. If you feel uncomfortable in walking or dancing in high heels, buy a pair of cute comfortable shoes with a small heel.

Finally Accessorize !! Right neck pieces always a complementing factor for any plunging neck line dress. Shawl, stole or wrap will complete the look and also make a difference for that freezing night. Have fun with the accessories. They should be festive, beautiful and set the mood for the rest of the school year. Whatever you choose – enjoy, have fun with, feel good and cherish all the moments of your first event of academic year. Homecoming is an awesome time to play with formal dresses as you prepare for other proms later in the year.

Homecoming Dresses

FloraDress is a place where you can start the new school year with a bang by picking the perfect homecoming dress 2009. You can have fun and make a style statement in the crowd and can tell about yourself who you really are. Homecoming is a splendid time to set your new attitude and confidence for the upcoming year. We suggest you that don’t get the wrong homecoming dress and end up missing out on one of the most important dances of the year. Our experts make the dresses accordingly to keep each and every aspect of this event. You can go for short dresses and your favorite prom dresses for homecoming event. You must have a dress that stands out from the rest if you are going to be crowned Homecoming Queen. Everyone will admire your new amazing and stunning appearance when you get back to school this year. Just require wearing something fun and elegant if the dance follows a game whether its football or anything else.  for homecoming dresses


Prom dresses

FloraDress welcomes to the first sneak preview at 2009 prom and excited to offer you the finest 2009 prom dresses at the affordable prices. We are thrilled to give you the first peek of some of the stunning styles to come for spring 2009. Our designers are constantly coming up with innovative collections of prom ball gowns, short prom dresses, evening gowns and celebrity inspired prom dresses. According to color trend we have numerous color ranges which will change your personality in great manner. We have prom dresses in the hottest prints and styles, from a formal evening dress to a chic cocktail dress. Red prom dresses dots are hot this year. Some of our special 2009 Prom Dresses include prom dresses for petite size, plus size prom dresses, prom dresses for tall and thin girls and some for pear shaped in our girls section. We assure you that you will find your perfect prom dress here. And for those who are looking for sale, having tight budget and need a cheap prom dress, this is the place to long for. These discounted prom dresses will be perfect for your pageant, homecoming dance or other similar special occasions. So from here you can start preparing for the most memorable night of your life and that is ‘Prom Night’. We have everything you need to make your night a special one that you will never forget.


If you are looking for long evening gowns, your search is over! Here at FloraDress, we want to make you feel very elegant, glamorous and happy with our long evening gowns. If you want to be in complete dazzling look or in delicate bead work, just look at FloraDress, you will get everything here that flatters your body.

Pink Evening Gown

Pink Evening Gown

Shown here, a soft pink long evening dress features a thin spaghetti straps with beautiful sweetheart neckline. The bust line is accentuated with sparkling beads, rhinestone and sequence to create a magical effect. From empire waist same extra chiffon fabric is used as a decorative detailing which is hold by a rhinestone brooch at centre to enhance the look of bodice. Another great detailing is its princess cut which gives a perfect fit to any body type. Its floor length silhouette gently flows down to create a mesmerizing effect and is decent enough to achieve a purpose of looking excessively stunning. A must have evening dress!!! For more information about this dress or for more elegant evening dress just go to : http://www.floradress.com/pink-dresses.php

A Black Evening Gown

A Black Evening Gown

A beautiful evening dress can be dressed up in so many ways. A stunning sexy evening dress can flaunt off your curves or your best physical attributes and a simple elegant dress with some nice fashion detailing also can steal the hearts and spellbound everyone around. But this is not always the case. There are times when you should not show off too many parts of your body. The key is to keep it simple.

If you are plus size and looking for plus size evening dresses, go for the dresses which hide your worst flaws and accentuate your best assets. For example a V-neck style can be very flattering because it lengthens the neck line and draws the eye down.

A-line dresses are perfect for any body type and appropriate silhouette for any occasion. Play around with necklines, V-shape, scoop, halter neckline or sweetheart that always works for you. Sometimes beaded dresses and sequined evening gowns are necessary for your wardrobe to sizzle the parties. Accessorize your evening dress with some beautiful neck piece and earrings. For example, if your dress have a plunging neckline, you will surely look beautiful in long necklace.

A beautiful evening dress will always help you to make a style statement and define your attitude. For immaculate look always know your figure type so that you can choose perfect dress for yourself to look gorgeous, to feel beautiful and to make heads turn.