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Prom event is one of the most memorable an awaited nights in a girl’s life and for many teenage girls it is the highlight of their adolescence. It comes once in a year. That’s why every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive in prom night. To make this possible you need a perfect Prom Dress and if you want to buy cheap Prom Dress online or if you are looking for an online Prom Dresses Shop, simply look at FloraDress’s stunning cheap Prom Dresses gallery. It promises to turn you into a fashion diva on your most awaited prom occasion.  Continue reading…


Isn’t it really exciting to dream about something that we don’t have? The idea of owning something that we have longed since many days or years is indeed thrilling. When the dream comes true there is no limit to the joy.

Here we are talking about the most ideal figure that you can have and that is – Hourglass figure! Yes, every girl dreams about it but not every girl can have it. But at the same time its a fact that almost every girl can achieve it! If you have achieved this dream shape, the corset dresses and corset gowns are there to enhance your beauty and femininity. These magical corset gowns embrace all the curves of the body and show them off beautifully to make you feel like a diva. Corset dresses are like those magical sticks which have the power to flatter any figure. Continue reading …

When it comes to choosing a perfect fitting and good looking dress for a girl it may take her ages to decide which one to wear and which not! Isnt it true? And when it is a case with a Plus size woman the task becomes much more difficult. Indeed being in a plus size shape has its own drawbacks which may confuse you which dress selection. But here we are – FloraDress Fashion Experts to help you out! We have some wonderful tips for you which will guide you to select a perfect fitting dress for your plus size body. Excited really?  Read on then…

When we go for shopping for a dress, we usually see the style, colors, cuts and fabric of the dress. There are times when we forget to pay attention to the necklines. Isn’t it that we do not realize the importance of a perfect neckline that enhances the beauty of a dress? Neckline is one of the most distinguishing features of clothing and very important factor to look great in any dress. It is important that you look for the right styles of necklines that will not only emphasize your best assets but will also hide your problem areas. Necklines are available in many shapes and array of curves and angels. A flattering neckline can create an illusion, emphasize your best features, hide not only your body flaws but facial structures as well and make you appear great in your dream dress. Here I am describing few popular necklines and its importance and effects with your body type and facial structure.

Scoop Neck

Scoop Neck

Scoop Neck:

Scoop neck is shaped like a U shape, usually low cut line and little drop from normal necklines.

The Most suitable for

Facial structure: If you have a wide face structure, this neckline will suit you. It also makes a short neck appear longer.

Body Shape: Scoop neck dresses flatter most of the women; especially complement very nicely pear shaped girls as the neck draws the attention towards the upper body. Scoop style also work for hourglass ladies. Women with small bust can get the illusion of a larger chest by wearing scoop neck style dresses or tops.

This neckline should be avoided by flat chested women.




As its name implies – the neckline has two line and form a ‘V’ shape at centre front. The neck depth depends totally upon wearer and her choice.

The most suitable for

Facial structure: Those women who have wide jaws or square-shaped facial structures, it is good if they wear v- neckline dresses. This is also look great women with round faces. Long face women should avoid this neckline.

Body Shape: The most flattering neckline for any body type, if you are apple shape or have heavy mid section, V- shaped Basque will help to minimize and create the illusion of a smaller midsection and make you appear taller and leaner.

If you have medium-sized chest and you want to show some cleavage then this is the ideal style for you. This neckline is also great for the women who have broad shoulders or short neck; its V shape makes the shoulder appearance narrow by drawing the eye attention to centre.

If you have small bust, you can avoid this neckline as it will emphasize on your chest area.

Jewel Neck

Jewel Neck

Jewel Neck

Commonly used for T-shirts and closely look like crew neck, jewel neckline is fitted and a plain, slightly rounded collarless neckline and often touches the base of the neck.

The most suitable for

Facial Structure: If you have a double chin, don’t go for dresses that have a jewel neckline as it only draws attention to double chin, which you definitely do not want

Body Types: It is flattering style for flat chested women. It creates a bustier image for small chested women.

Jewel neck should be avoided by women who have short necks as this neck style will make them appear shorter. Ladies with large breasts should also not try as it will over emphasize your bust area.

Bateau Neck

Bateau Neck

Bateau Neck

Sometimes known as a Sabrina neck, the horizontal line of this neck passes from shoulder to shoulder.

The most suitable for

Facial structure: Women with long faces are advised to wear this kind of necklines. It will help cut the length of the facial structure. Boat neck is not flattering for the women who have square-shaped facial structures or wide jaws.

Body Types

Looks good on pear shaped women as it creates a balance with their wide hips. This neck style also flatters the women who have narrow shoulders by making them wider. Also suits to women who have thin and long neck by making them shorter.

Apple shaped women should avoid boat neckline dresses as it will make your naturally broad shoulders appear wider and throw off your balance.

Turtle Neck

Turtle Neck

Turtle Neck

This tight fitting, high collar is very contemporary style and can be don with sweaters or can also be worn alone.

The most suitable for

Facial Structure: This looks great on oval shaped and long face structures but not a good option for round shaped or double chin ladies as it tends to make them look heavier.

Body Types

Women with short torso look great on turtle neck as it lengthens the torso and makes you appear taller.

A high neckline will hide any upper body definition. If you have large breasts, don’t go for this style. If you are heavy on bottom, avoid turtle neck as it will narrow your shoulders and make your hips and waist appear larger. Short necked women should also avoid this neckline.

Proper dressing accentuates your attributes, features, helps to minimize your flaws and gives you a great appearance. It is important to form a personal style statement that enhances your figure and individuality. If you are flat chested or have small bust and shopping for a dress, you will definitely think of the styles and patterns which will flatter your figure. Here I am giving some tips and tricks to maximize your chest by selecting right kind of dressing, proper color and fabric ideas.

Selection of Dress. Learn to create illusion of large breasts with your selection of dress. Ruched bodice, softly gathered bodice will enhance the look of your bustline. Subtle and soft ruffles, embellishments add volume to a small bust, added fabric also give fuller chest appearance. Strapless style also looks great on flat chested women’s.

Use fashion Detailing in Dress. Details around the bust area like pocket, buttons, and patterns are some features to keep in mind for small chest women when they go for shopping. Collars, wide lapels draw attention towards the face and look great.

Create Illusion. One more useful way to create illusion and focusing attention away from your bust line is wearing Empire Dresses. It is an excellent idea to try Empire Dresses as it may draw attention to your other body parts. The shape of the dress makes you appear larger, no matter how big or flat you are. Empire Dresses are specially designed in such a way that a waistline is raised above the natural waistline, at times as high as right below the bust. These dresses are good to camouflage and create an illusion. Empire dresses with straps, long gowns with spaghetti straps give best illusive effect towards the top of the body.

Choose Proper Necklines. As it is the most important feature of the dress to make you look as you want, gathered neckline, asymmetrical necklines, bateau necklines are some of good options for you. Cowl neckline also looks good as it will give folds across front bodice. Avoid V- necklines, scoop necklines or very low cut necklines.

Use Patterned Tops. Patterned shirts, horizontal lines, graffiti patterned especially right across the breast area are a great way to create illusion of bigger breasts.

Suitable Brassiere. A Bra is an essential article and does a lot for your bustline. If you don’t pick the right bra, you won’t get the desired look, padded bras, push up bras will definitely flatter your bust line. Choose the dresses and tops that are already made with inner cups to get a rounder look.

Appropriate Fabric. Fabric plays an important role to enhance your appearance, for flat chested women – A soft, light to medium weight fabric with good draping quality will look great. Fabric like satin, jersey, cotton will work.

I know every girl wants to have toned and fuller chest but accept what you have, just be what you are. There are quite a number of females out there who are successful in their careers and life with the natural assets. Clare Danes, Kate Hudson, Keira Knightly are some example of flat chested actresses and they are proud of what they are ….aren’t they?

What is Homecoming Event?

The tradition of welcoming back the former students, alumni and residents of an institution is known as Homecoming Event which usually takes place in the month of September/ October. Particularly celebrated in North America, the occasion is one of the most awaited celebration events in school, colleges and university life. It is the celebration when number of sports and cultural activities and social gatherings are held where students get an opportunity to show off their skills and styles as well as enjoy the lively moments of their early life.

Usually ‘American Football’ is the central sport in homecoming event but other sports like Ice Hockey, Basketball are also popular ones. Also a banquet is organized to make a social gathering at homecoming followed by coronation of ‘Homecoming King’ or ‘Homecoming Queen’ chosen from among the students by voting.

History and Origin

The tradition of homecoming is believed to be evolved from the annual alumni football games held at universities and colleges since late 1800. However origin of homecoming event is little controversial topic as different universities hold firm claims of being the founder of the event. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Missouri and Baylor University are the frontrunners in this race.

According to the history, Baylor University held their first homecoming event in 1909 but didn’t organize the same for next six years. Meanwhile in 1910 and 1911, University of Illinois and University of Missouri held their homecomings respectively. The event soon became popular and widely accepted by people and by 1920 it became the widely celebrated event across the nation.

Traditional Events

Homecoming Court: A representative group of students from a coeducational institution consisting of Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King (in some cases Homecoming Princess or Homecoming Prince) is known as homecoming court. Queen and King are selected by the election method where students of an institution vote for the court members nominated for the election of Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King. Other court members who are not selected as Queen or King are known as royalty or escorts. They participate in the weekly activities and events.

Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King:

A much awaited event of the ceremony is the coronation of Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King. Usually the selection is done by the method of voting by student body of an institution where they vote for a boy or girl who has given his/ her active contribution for the welfare of college or school and is excellent in studies and other cultural activities, sports, etc. It is a measure of ones popularity in schools and colleges. In some institutes the announcement of Queen and Kings names takes place a couple of days before football match or before banquet or at pep rally. For the coronation of elected Queen and King, former years King and Queen are invited to crown their successors. Usually Homecoming Queen is coroneted first followed by the coronation of the Homecoming King as a tradition in most of the universities.

For Homecoming Queen Girl, it is very important to have an appearance and a dress with something special than others and which makes her stand out of crowd and look like a Homecoming Queen. She wears Homecoming Gown and Homecoming Dresses tailored especially for this occasion. Girls make shopping for this sole reason even before the celebration begins and markets are filled with fresh stocks of Homecoming Gowns, Short Homecoming Dresses, Homecoming ball gowns, Beaded Homecoming Gowns, etc.


Parade is a part of many homecoming celebrations where students of an institution make a march on the streets of town or city with their marching band. A grand marshal is selected for the parade from among the students. Students participating in parade prepare a float usually based on a homecoming theme suggested by the administrators. Parades can be a part of scheduled activities for a particular day where other activities include pep rally, bone fire, snake dance, etc.


Tailgate parties are the most cheerfully celebrated events held at the weekend during homecoming celebrations. It is attended by the alumni who come back from different parts of country or world to participate in this festival where get together of old friends and classmates happens. The meaning can be understood by the name itself that the tailgates of vehicles are kept open and parties are enjoyed with beer, food, music and games. Students set up tents in parks, grounds and fields to stay and accommodate the friends coming from far distant places. People cook, play games, enjoy music and cherish the memories of their school times with their old friends.


Students may occasionally go for an outing or picnic which may occur at the school week or during the schools lunch period. It can be similar to tailgate party though people celebrate it with their own way.

Dress-up days

This is the most colorful thing that student long for. What could be more appealing for the students than the freedom to flaunt off in various colors other than mandatory school uniforms? Students- especially girls – make the most of it and wear colorful and modern dresses according to the decided theme of their respective schools. The theme could be anything like Toga Day, Nerd Day, Pirate Day, Rat Pack Day, etc. There may be themes like Red Dresses Day, Pink Dresses Day, Black Dresses Day, etc.

Homecoming Dance

It’s Romantic. It’s lovely. It’s alluring and it’s fantastic. Yes. It’s a Homecoming Dance. It is the party dance and usually a culminating event of the festival. It may be a formal or informal event usually organized in or out of school campus. The venue is decorated finely and music is played. It is a kind of social gathering where young students dance formally and cheer the moments. As far as football and other alumni events are the central point of homecoming event, the homecoming dance is held usually during weeks when the schedules are less tight and more permitting. Whatsoever, homecoming dances are the most thrilling events during the homecoming celebration for young students.

Fashion is for everyone, whether it’s plus size or any body type. Almost every plus size women want to hide few things in her body rather accentuates her best features. With a little careful planning, you can create an illusion and can look fabulous whatever the occasion – regardless of your dress size. Learning to embrace your curves and accentuating your best features should be relatively easy. Depending on what you like about yourself will let you know what you should show off. Here are some basic clothing tips for helping dressing your best…

Plus size long evening gown

Plus size long evening gown

  • Without loosing weight, proper dressing will make you look slimmer. Keep one thing in mind the fitting of dress. Wear clothes that fit. From underwear to accessories, the rule is to wear what fits.
  • Don’t wear extra loose or baggy clothes. They might be comfortable, but they make you look like you’re hiding something, which you are.
  • Pick the right cut of clothing for your body type. Some cuts are made for different frames so make sure you try it on and see how it looks before purchasing it and wearing it out on the town.
  • Patterns can make you appear larger, choose solids as they will help you to look slimmer. If you do like patterns, avoid big, bold, bright patterns small prints, plaids, checks go well. Horizontal stripes also make you appear larger and it is true, so try to avoid them.
  • When choosing a skirt, always keep the length in your mind. Choose a skirt with a comfortable waist that gradually widens as the skirt gets longer. This will minimize your curves. Monochromatic skirts and tops of subtly different textures make you look taller and thinner.
  • Minimize your largest feature. Tops under a proper supportive bra will minimize large breasts,  designs with some nice detailing will draw attention,longer-length tops will minimize large hips, high heels for shorter women and many more.