Tips for Plus Size Women

Posted on: October 30, 2009

When it comes to choosing a perfect fitting and good looking dress for a girl it may take her ages to decide which one to wear and which not! Isnt it true? And when it is a case with a Plus size woman the task becomes much more difficult. Indeed being in a plus size shape has its own drawbacks which may confuse you which dress selection. But here we are – FloraDress Fashion Experts to help you out! We have some wonderful tips for you which will guide you to select a perfect fitting dress for your plus size body. Excited really? 

Plus-size women want to dress attractively and look beautiful with their shapes. Here are some good do’s and don’ts for the plus-size women who want to look their best.

  • Plus size woman should know her size and always get the size they wear. Proper fit clothes look their appearance great. Clothes that are too large make a woman look like a bag lady. Too-small fashions are hideous. Buy the appropriate size and if there is any about size and fit, ask a sales associate to help.
  • If any woman looking for a plus size evening dress, go for dresses with princess seams down the front, dropped waists, and other styles with shape.
  • Top length is very important for plus size, if you have large behind or low-hanging abdomen, she can give a try to those curvy, shaped blouses that barely skim the navel. Those women who are plus-size, but mostly curvy can get away with this kind of fashion. Plus-size women also look for tops that hit at least the mid line of their navels. Layered looks are beautiful and great, with blouse shirts over tank tops, as long as the line is smooth, front and back.
  • Necklines also can make a difference. A V-neck can be very flattering and look great on a plus-size woman because it elongates the neck line and draws the eye down. However, any neckline that shows overflowing cleavage is not flattering. A plus-size woman with an average bust can usually get away with slightly lower-cut tops than a woman who is very well-endowed.
  • Tight clothing may not be your best bet. Plus size woman have bulges and rolls that they do not want to show off to the world. While tight clothing may reduce your silhouette, it will do nothing to smooth it. Stretchy fabrics can be very comfortable and forgiving in plus size fashion. They will reduce sag and bag on pants’ knees, blouses and shirts, and dresses. Skin-tight clothing may look messy and unprofessional.
  • Those women who have an oval shape with a prominent tummy with no defined waist can try an empire waist, full skirt or A-line dresses. If legs are proportionately slender compared to the rest of the body, a short dress is a good option to flaunt off your legs.
  • An A-line skirt in flowing fabrics is a very good option for plus size women. Women who are larger on top than bottom can carry a straight skirt with a tailored jacket very well but if hips are big, she should look carefully at the skirt’s construction and should try it on in the store. Women who are short or average height may be able to wear short jackets if they are fairly well-proportioned, bottom and top. Too large on either end, or a short jacket should be avoided. Blazer style jacket is all-time classic whether it is boxy or tailored; pick the style to keep body proportion in mind.

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