Fashion Tips for Flat Chested Women

Posted on: September 1, 2009

Proper dressing accentuates your attributes, features, helps to minimize your flaws and gives you a great appearance. It is important to form a personal style statement that enhances your figure and individuality. If you are flat chested or have small bust and shopping for a dress, you will definitely think of the styles and patterns which will flatter your figure. Here I am giving some tips and tricks to maximize your chest by selecting right kind of dressing, proper color and fabric ideas.

Selection of Dress. Learn to create illusion of large breasts with your selection of dress. Ruched bodice, softly gathered bodice will enhance the look of your bustline. Subtle and soft ruffles, embellishments add volume to a small bust, added fabric also give fuller chest appearance. Strapless style also looks great on flat chested women’s.

Use fashion Detailing in Dress. Details around the bust area like pocket, buttons, and patterns are some features to keep in mind for small chest women when they go for shopping. Collars, wide lapels draw attention towards the face and look great.

Create Illusion. One more useful way to create illusion and focusing attention away from your bust line is wearing Empire Dresses. It is an excellent idea to try Empire Dresses as it may draw attention to your other body parts. The shape of the dress makes you appear larger, no matter how big or flat you are. Empire Dresses are specially designed in such a way that a waistline is raised above the natural waistline, at times as high as right below the bust. These dresses are good to camouflage and create an illusion. Empire dresses with straps, long gowns with spaghetti straps give best illusive effect towards the top of the body.

Choose Proper Necklines. As it is the most important feature of the dress to make you look as you want, gathered neckline, asymmetrical necklines, bateau necklines are some of good options for you. Cowl neckline also looks good as it will give folds across front bodice. Avoid V- necklines, scoop necklines or very low cut necklines.

Use Patterned Tops. Patterned shirts, horizontal lines, graffiti patterned especially right across the breast area are a great way to create illusion of bigger breasts.

Suitable Brassiere. A Bra is an essential article and does a lot for your bustline. If you don’t pick the right bra, you won’t get the desired look, padded bras, push up bras will definitely flatter your bust line. Choose the dresses and tops that are already made with inner cups to get a rounder look.

Appropriate Fabric. Fabric plays an important role to enhance your appearance, for flat chested women – A soft, light to medium weight fabric with good draping quality will look great. Fabric like satin, jersey, cotton will work.

I know every girl wants to have toned and fuller chest but accept what you have, just be what you are. There are quite a number of females out there who are successful in their careers and life with the natural assets. Clare Danes, Kate Hudson, Keira Knightly are some example of flat chested actresses and they are proud of what they are ….aren’t they?


3 Responses to "Fashion Tips for Flat Chested Women"

thanks for posting this article. gr8 for flat chest ladies

Hi ! nice tips , want to see more tips on wearing colors , i m flat chested girl and really confused which colors will suit on me ..

Very useful article about how to “cure” the flatness. However, do not forget that flatness is just a shape, and not an symptom, but very well written and usable.

Regards Charlotte

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