Tips For Pear Shape Body

Posted on: August 9, 2009

Tips for Pear Shaped Body

If you are heavy on bottom and hips are fuller or in other terms if your hips are wider than your shoulders and your thighs are round, you have a classic pear-shaped body.

These body type girls need to accentuate their positive assets like shoulders, arms and waist. A-line, ball gowns, empire dresses, strapless evening dresses will completely work for you. These dresses will draw the attention away from the heavy bottom and emphasis the top of your bodies. You can go for the dress that flows loosely over the body. Nice and delicate embellishment on neckline, detailing on waist are the great options for accentuating the upper half. Dark colors will camouflage your lower half.

For a better fit, pant waists should fall somewhere below the natural waistline.  A straight or slightly boot cut leg is the most flattering.

Shorts can be tricky, but for workouts and casual wear choose lightweight, loose-fitting shorts. Slimming side stripes on shorts can give the illusion of sleekness.

Try to avoid patterned or light-colored pants. Skip fussy details like big cargo pockets, ruching or excessive zippers around the hip area.


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