Tips for Big Busted and Broad Shoulders

Posted on: August 9, 2009

Tips for Big Busted and Broad Shoulders

If you are big busted, you wear cup C or larger. Wear those dresses which will accentuate your bottom half. Large busted girls need enough support while dancing for any prom event or any occasion. Ball gowns, A-line dresses are the good options.

Halter dresses will work for you as the halter can be adjusted according to the support you need. A good way to deflect attention from your chest is to wear a dress with details at the hemline. Go for strap dresses or a dress with corseted bodice with straps. Remember empire waist does not flatter a big bust.

If your shoulders are wide don’t try to hide them because if you are covering them they will look wider. Boat neck, puff sleeve, dolmen sleeves are big No-No. Avoid use of shoulder pads if possible.

Go for Halter prom dresses, V-neckline prom gowns they will pleasantly reveal your shoulders.


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good post!!

[…] cleavage then this is the ideal style for you. This neckline is also great for the women who have broad shoulders or short neck; its V shape makes the shoulder appearance narrow by drawing the eye attention to […]

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